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Templates Unlimited by ArtisticAction.com
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  • As easy as 1, 2, 3

  • Or if you can feather a photo then create The Two Three style of poster

  • And if you can cutout/extract a player from the background then create The Pride style of poster

  • 10 New Pro poster kits

  • Starting at $19

  • Or get all 10 FREE with the 10 sets Deal

 Help creating THE BORDER style of poster   |   Help creating THE TWO THREE style of poster   |    Help creating THE PRIDE style of poster   |   Help creating a cutout

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Themed templates available for sports, generics, etc

    See all 33 sports/themes available more than anywhere else!

Our most POPULAR sports:

OTHER THEMED templates:
Boy and Girl Scouts
Classic Car
Fire Fighter
Kids/Pre-School/Day Care
Old West
Outdoor Life
Seniors (high school)
Sweet 16/Quinceanera

Wedding (engagements/couples)

GENERIC templates for any sport/event:
All Events

Templates By type:
NOTE: Maybe available as a single template and/or included in a set of templates
Buttons 3.5 and 4
Filmstrip posters

Memory Mate
Ticket 2 x 8
Trading Cards
Multi-Sports themed for several sports all wrapped into 1 template  Ideas for Teams, Championships, Schedule posters, etc  Ideas for Memory Mates
(team & individual) 
Singles starting at $9
   Templates for any budget over 250 Singles to choose from...
Singles starting at $9 posters, memory mates, magazine covers, calendars, traders, ticket, button and locker posters
Sets of templates starting at $29
Templates Unlimited set for those looking to offer more than just posters and want a coordinating look for your photo products
More sports themed templates than anywhere else 33 different themes over 90 Sets to choose from...
Template sets themed for 33 different sports and events
Series starting at $99
   For a professional and coordinating look for all your photo products throughout all your sports  -- 12 Series to choose from...
Series 15 Templates Unlimited sets
Series 15 Templates Unlimited sets

10 sets + 2 bonuses for only $200 for download & shipped FREE!  SAVE $1000s + receive all 10 NEW Pro poster kits FREE with coupon code proposter (a $490 value FREE)
100s of bonus templates only available when shipped   |  31 sets only available with this deal  |  13 sets only available with this deal without having to purchase the full series
100+ Backgrounds, Border and Balls and 27 PSD Masters only available with this deal! For only a limited time  ORDER NOW

Many of our templates include a full background to use with green screen photos.  Easy replace one of our backgrounds with your green screen.  Details

Downloading and shipping terms
If templates ordered for DOWNLOAD only then please download and BACKUP to CD, DVD or 2nd hard drive.
If you lose your downloads and/or missed the link on the receipt page, please
contact us with your ordering info (name, email, order no.) and we'll email you the links to download.

We will email links to download again if your order is within the last 3 years


All U.S. orders are shipped via PRIORITY MAIL
INTERNATIONAL orders are shipped via International Priority Mail
All shipped orders are  sent out within 3 to 5 business days after ordering

Photography business help
Template help

1.  UPDATED for 2016 Suggested PRICING, PRINT cost & PROFITS for all templates

2.  1000s of photos with EXIF info posted
3.  Suggested Photo PACKAGES
4.  Sample WEBSITE
5.  Marketing kit to get more sales faster (including CONTRACTS & PROPOSALS)
6.  FREE mini marketing kit
7.  Recommended PRINT LAB & printing tips (where to get them printed)

8.  Where to get them printed and SELF printing tips
9.  MATTING & FRAMING for more profits

10.  How to SPEED UP the PROCESS when putting together posters for TEAMS

1.  HOW TO GET the MOST from your Templates Unlimited
2.  Adobe Photoshop & Elements LAYERS EXPLAINED
3.  HELP files
4.  FREE demo & step-by-step instructions
5.  FREE Tutorials, Videos and fully layered PSD files to download & follow along

6.  How to create a SENIOR COLLAGE

7.  How to create a MARKETING POSTCARD
8.  More IDEAS for teams and memory mates

9.  How to SPEED UP the PROCESS when putting together posters for TEAMS  

10.  Where to get them printed and SELF printing tips

11.  Where to download a 30 day FREE trial of Adobe Photoshop or Elements

FREE mini marketing kit, poster and print samples themed for football

Mini marketing kit, poster and print samples themed for basketball

See all Marketng kits
photoshop layers explainedThe Border, The Two Three and The Pride styles of posters can be created with ANY of our Templates Unlimited poster templates included in our Templates Unlimited sets and some also available as singles
Can create these style of posters or any custom poster and border because a full background layer is included. 
Can also be used with green screen photos.

More about layers

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Templates Unlimited by ArtisticAction.com are fully layered Photoshop / Elements templates for all sports/events

Themed templates for 33 different sports, more than anywhere else

Templates for creating poster, memory mate, magazine cover, trader, ticket, calendar, button, mug, mouse pad, t-shirt, team and championship templates that can be used for all levels -- Pee Wee, Little League, Pop Warner, youth sports, elementary, junior varsity, varsity, college, semi-pro & pro

Unlimited Colors you have total control over the colors  |  Use Year after year | Add and remove any layers you want i.e. mascot, logo, stadium, score board, etc.  |  300DPI resolution

Requires Adobe Photoshop or Elements to edit templates  Download a 30 FREE trial  |  PC & MAC compatibale

ALL templates  are ROYALTY-FREE  for photographers only no labs please |
Now available to labs our ED Borders to use with Express Digital software

Any questions, need recommendations or custom work just contact Chris
Satisfaction Guaranteed Return policy 
Frequently asked questions
or contact us @ info@artisticaction.com 

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